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Who We Are

We are an IP consultancy company specialized in patents and design protection. We are also a team of highly motivated IP professionals sharing the same mind-set: that “clients’ business comes first”. We always strive to use the tools of the IP world to give you the best possible protection of your business. We want to understand the business context in addition to the technical details of your invention or the visuals of your design. We know that this is the best way of making IP that gives you true value.

Our experience and approach to IP means that we can make for you patents that fully support your business plans and are difficult to design around. We can help you avoid problematic competitor patents and engage in invalidating them if required. If you are interested in design protection, we can help you obtain the broadest protection possible for you products.

We can assist you in managing your patent and design portfolio. This involves both prosecution of individual IP rights, payment of renewal fees, and identification of patent rights that have lost their commercial importance and should be abandoned or sold. By watching over your IP rights for their entire life span, we aim at giving you the security you need that your valuable IP is protected.


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