Design Competences


Get the best protection for your design with the help of our design team

The path to design registration can be as unique as your product, and we would like to be the ones guiding you on that path.

With each client and product being unique, your position, products, and needs become the basis on which a design registration strategy is built. We therefore commit ourselves to delivering transparent and diligent solutions suitable for your specific case, and we can always be reached for more information.

Whether you want to register a design that gives you protection on the local market, or on the international one, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you with your project. With the help of the European and International Offices, as well as our extensive network of foreign agents, we can assist you in establishing protection in countries all over the world. Starting from strategy building and all the way to enforcement of design rights, we can be your reliable partner.

Read more about each member of our design team and their competences by clicking on their names to the right, or use the button on the right to contact us directly.

You can find some more information about design registration here. There we talk briefly about the advantages of registering a design, present some typical costs and provide some links to even more information.