Protect your products’ visual expression with a design registration

Whether your design relates to a piece of furniture, of jewelry, of industrial equipment, or even a graphical user interface, if time and resources have been spent (be it mental, physical, or financial) on personalizing an item with importance in the market, consider registering it as a design. Doing this will strengthen your position on the market, as it allows you to prevent others from using your design.

For approximately DKK 6.200,- ex vat, a European design can offer you protection in all EU countries for a period of 5 years. This price covers the official fees and all our attorney fees. After the initial period, the registered design can be renewed four more times for the same number of years, giving you the possibility to have a design right for 25 years.

Some of the most common countries in which Danish companies expand their business, (Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and the US) can be covered by a single international application. An application for one design, designating the above mentioned countries as well as EU, costs approximately DKK 11.835, ex vat.

Benefits of owning a design right

From a marketing perspective, a registered design creates value for both your company and your customers. It shows your care and dedication for both the products you sell, as well as towards those you sell to, by ensuring the originality and quality of the products they buy.

From a legal perspective, a strong design portfolio protects you not only against designs that are identical, but also against those that give the same overall impression. It will give you the right to claim infringement against those who copy your product(s) without permission, with potential statutory damages being awarded as a result. The customs authorities can also use design registrations to help you enforce your rights at the borders between countries, as a copy of your design registration certification will help them prevent copies from passing the borders.

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