Patent Rights

Guardian’s patent team deals with all aspects of obtaining and exploiting patent and utility model rights, including patentability assessments, drafting, filing and prosecution of patent and utility model applications, Freedom-to-Operate analyses, infringement analyses, second opinions, oppositions and litigation support.

Our team of patent attorneys is one of Denmark’s most experienced and professional teams, with European Patent Attorneys covering many areas of technology. We are also among Denmark’s largest patent consulting teams and consistently achieve top tier rankings in international comparisons.

At Guardian, we are always focused on obtaining patents which create value for you. As such, we make an effort to understand your business and competitive environment so that we can put together a protection strategy tailored to your needs. For example, our experts are experienced with Design Rights as well and can custom tailor a protection strategy using a combination of patents and designs if necessary.



What are patents?

Patents give you the right to prevent others from using your invention/technology.

Patents or patent applications also afford other advantages:

  • They form the basis for license/cross-license agreements
  • They prevent others from getting a patent on the same technology – and they increase your supply security
  • B2B customers often prefer suppliers which protect their technology

Guardian has many years of experience with patent related issues, all of which can be tailored to your needs.

Strategic Advice

In addition to providing consulting on specific patent and utility model rights, we can also provide advice on other strategic issues related to your patent portfolio. Such advice can includes how to:

  • perform invention scouting;
  • select inventions for protection;
  • make use of trade secrets and avoiding possible pitfalls;
  • protect internationally, i.e. filing strategy including strategic selection of geographical coverage;
  • identify and react to infringement, i.e. how to enforce IP rights;
  • monitor your competitors’ patent activities in order to secure freedom-to-operate in due time and minimize risk of infringement;
  • prune patent portfolios in order to save costs;
  • organize a patent department;
  • outsource certain patent related tasks.

International Cooperation

Guardian cooperates with a large number of well-known foreign patent firms in order to secure the best possible professional local prosecution in foreign countries. When cooperating with foreign patent agencies, the communication will generally go through Guardian’s patent attorneys in order to facilitate the cooperation for the client and in order to ensure that all important aspects are considered and coordinated. For instance, it is of importance that prosecution in the US and in Europe is coordinated in order to ensure a common approach to possible lines of argumentation.


If facing  an intellectual property dispute that has to be settled in court, it is extremely important to have a good support base. At Guardian, we have many years of successful experience with litigation support. Our experts provide guidance, advice and support for your legal team – we are goal-orientated and effective. This way, you will have the strongest possible team and hopefully get the best possible outcome in your case. In connection with enforcement of patent rights, Guardian cooperates with a strong network of experienced Danish and international lawyers.

Technology Areas

The Guardian patent team has consultants who can provide expert advice on patent related matters in many different areas of technology. Our combined experience is your guarantee for competent and serious advice, which will guide your project safely to its conclusion.

Life Science and Chemistry

Our Life Science and Chemistry team works within areas such as food technology, medical technology, pharmacology, biotech and chemistry.


Technology and Software

Our Technology and Software team works within areas such as software, electronics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and medical devices.


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