Annette Sørensen

IP Consultant

Verena Simpson

Annette Sørensen

IP Consultant, Ph.D. (Biochemistry)



+45 77 34 44 79

Annette has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge in the field of biotechnology based on a 9-year international research career, primarily in the areas of molecular biology, enzyme technology, microbiology, biochemistry, biofuels and renewable energies industry.

With a strong scientific background Annette directed her career towards the field of IPR in 2016.

Annette understands the challenges in biotechnology and is able to view an invention from the inventors’ perspective; yet provide advice and services related to patentability opinion, patent application drafting, and patent prosecution from a patent consultant’s perspective.

Annette further has experience in identifying and protecting inventions that bring value to the patent owner, including investigating and securing the client’s Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) in their commercial markets by means of FTO-analyses; and overall integration of IPR into start-up companies’ business strategy.

Annette joined Guardian IP Consulting as IP Consultant in 2017.