Henrik Brieghel

IP Consultant, Partner

Verena Simpson

Henrik Brieghel

IP Consultant, Partner, Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney, M.Sc. (Mechanics)


+45 77 34 44 57


Henrik focuses his advice on the commercial and economic advantages that both small and large businesses achieve from professional IP management. Henrik participates in IP related strategy and organization development in Danish and international companies. Henrik is also a keynote speaker on several courses, as well as a sparring partner in several development projects related to IP.

Henrik also works with:

  • Patentability evaluations and drafting and prosecution of patent applications
  • Advising clients on legal matters within intellectual property, specifically patent strategies, and their implementation
  • Ensuring the clients’ Freedom-to-Operate through FTO-analyses and infringement opinions
  • Legal challenges and appeal cases, including oral proceedings at the European Patent Office
  • Management of infringement situations and technical/strategic advice in infringement cases, including being a surveyor on several Danish litigation cases on infringement
  • Implementing IP management as an integrated part the development processes of the client.

Henrik joined Guardian IP Consulting as a partner in 2012 and has 25 years of experience in the IP business, including the last 20 years as patent adviser and partner in Zacco.